BeOne Hospitality

BeOne Hospitality

Beone Hospitality Solution is a hotel management and consulting firm, Providing a diversity of consulting services, expert guidance and pragmatic solution to hotel/resort, villas, restaurant, beach club, spa and tourism industries.

We provide a range of advice, consultancy and planning support, including feasibility studies, Sales and marketing strategies, business cases, design support and master planning, financial advise and procurement support. We are a dynamic group of highly qualified individuals with years of experience in hotel, tourism and leisure industries, major global hotel brands and consulting.

Established in April 2019, has been assisting hotels, resorts, villas, cafés, restaurants, Spa, and hospitality operations achieve greater profits, through:

  • Operational Support
  • Quality Training
  • Product Development
  • Customer Service
  • Revenue management Stategy
  • Sales and marketing Strategy
  • Reputation management


  • We partner with owner, operator, investor or developers to deliver alternative great solution and development of hotel or restaurant.
  • We offer objective analysis, feedback, strategy and solutions concerning the strengths and weaknesses of front and back of house operations, menu, sales and marketing strategy.
  • We advising on new profit opportunities, cost savings and operational advantages we ensure that the hotel owner’s strategic objectives both financial nonfinancial are met.
  • We act as a liaison representative from the owners to the management company.
  • Our operational services are specifically tailored to the needs of the owner in terms of company development.
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